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Leveraging Sound & Voice to create new experiences

Why voice

Over the past years, we have relied on keyboard, mouse, and touch to interact with our technology. While these are great for certain use cases, voice has always been the most natural way people communicate. Voice experiences can make our interactions with technology more convenient (hands free!), more efficient (just ask “What’s the cheapest flight to Sydney next week?” instead of selecting several fields and filters), and more delightful (gamification).

With the adoption of voice assistants increasing around the world, we believe voice interactions are the next step in UX design and are keen to apply our training in human-centred design to solve problems using voice.

We also believe in learning by doing. We want to experiment with voice and sound and will share our learnings on our blog.

How you can play a part

We are keen to collaborate with people who have an immediate problem to solve which would integrate voice or sound as part of the users' experience.

If you are a domain expert—you could be a voice UI designer, sound engineer, sound designer, speech recognition expert, etc.—we would love to connect with you! Our goal is to create innovative solutions together.

If you are interested in voice interactions, whether you are:

  • From a startup, for-profit/non-profit organisation
  • A domain expert in voice and sound
  • Or know of a human problem that involves voice and sound

We will be most glad to connect!

Some inspiration

Here are some examples of Voice UX projects that inspire us!

Project Revoice

By BWM Dentsu for The ALS Association

Project Revoice uses a unique deep learning algorithm to analyze the DNA of a person’s voice and create a complete digital voice clone. When integrated with text-to-speech devices, this gives people with ALS (a motor neurone disease) the ability to speak freely and naturally in their own voice, even after they physically can’t. The project launched by recreating the voice of Pat Quinn – ALS sufferer and co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge – using old interviews and speeches as raw material.

Community Keijiban

By Toaster

Community Keijiban is a voice-powered notice board designed by the members of the Wakabadai danchi, or housing complex, in Yokohama, Japan. This action connects residents with shared interests by bringing the community notice board to their living room. The app announces all new notices, tells the residents what activities are scheduled, and reminds them when it's time to attend.
It was made as part of the collaboration with older adults in Japan and was developed by Toaster, a company that builds brands through connected digital experiences.

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