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Research and design is our bread and butter.

Whether you have an idea to build something great, or a customer need you’d like to meet, let us journey with you to identify where the gaps are and propose effective designs.

Together, we can make something your users will love.

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User insight

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The better we know the user, the better we can design for them.

We utilize a variety of research methods to discover who your target audience is, how they interact with (or without) your product, and ultimately, what problems we can help them solve. By stepping into their shoes and learning about their experiences, we can empathize with their needs to create things that are truly useful to them.

You will receive:

  • User Personas, which define the behaviours, needs, goals, and challenges of your target audience.
  • Customer Journey Maps/User Journey Maps that uncover opportunities to improve an existing design and innovate a new solution to bring satisfaction and joy to users.

Research activities include desktop research, and conducting stakeholder and user interviews. To learn about their context and needs, we identify the right questions to ask them, source for suitable interview participants, and most importantly, we talk to them and map our findings.

To learn about every stakeholder’s background, opinions, and needs, we identify the right questions, source participants, and most importantly, we talk to them!

One of the best ways to empathize with who we are designing for is through body storming, where we subject ourselves to the same environmental conditions as the user.

Personas are representations of the typical demographics, behaviours, and needs of your target audience. They help us keep humans at the centre of our design.

User Journeys capture what your users do, think, and feel when considering and using your product. They help us identify problems and opportunities to delight.

UX and UI design

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Great user experiences keep your users coming back.

We’ll work closely with you to analyse every step of your users’ interactions with your product and propose the best ways to achieve your intended call-to-action: Buy your product? Make a booking? Increase readership? We’ve got you covered.

You will receive:

  • Wireframes/User flows depicting the best way users experience your product and service.
  • User interfaces that are not only beautiful to look at and match your brand, but most importantly, are easy to use.

To ensure every scenario interacting with your product or service is covered, we document user flows to break down how tasks are completed, step by step. Wireframes are created early in the design process to illustrate the basic structure of a page and define its interactive elements before the visual design is added.

A UI component library helps developers translate design into code. It defines the nitty-gritty details around how components are built such as size, spacing, and interaction states.

Visual design is more than aesthetics. We design refined interfaces that optimize the user experience and drive conversion to meet your business goals. When everything is done and dusted, we’ll package the final design for you with high-fidelity designs, detailing everything including component library, screen designs, transition and interactions, across any device you need.

Why us

We practice a human-centred design method because people matter to us.

It is a creative problem-solving process that begins with the humans, and ends with them.

We start by conducting research to gain empathy for the users whom we are designing for, followed by validating our design solutions with them through an iterative process.

Even though we care about the users, it is important the design does not pride itself on just human needs alone. We ensure that we meet business goals and keep in mind the practical aspects of our solution.

We craft solutions that combine user research, business goals, and technology.

What’s your need?

Human-centred design is a creative problem solving method that can be applied to a variety of situations, not just apps and websites. It can help improve experiences for , (such as a store), and even .

Check out how we applied the methodology to make clothes easier to wear for seniors with caregivers.

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