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iMath provides on-demand help for Math at everyones’ convenience.

Project summary

Our role

Corporate identity and style guide

User research

Mobile app design

Responsive website design & development

Information architecture of app and website

Usability testing of app and website


Project Manager

UI/UX Designer

Frontend Developer


1 year partnership

Project brief

We have been the client’s appointed design partner since January 2019. The product is well engineered and has a strong proposition for addressing various users’ needs, but without a UI and UX designer, the product was not as intuitive to use. The platform,  which is in the form of a mobile app, needed to provide a user experience that was easy to understand, quick to adopt, and delightful to use. As a startup, it was important for the designs to help them stand out from their competition.

User Research

There are three different target users for this platform—tutors, primary school students, and their parents. We needed to understand what were the most important pain points these groups faced to create features that address those needs. We spoke with a few private math tutors as well as interviewed a couple of working mothers who had kids aged 9 to 11 years old by getting them to try our certain features in the app.

Our findings and our solution

Through our research, we found that the greatest challenge parents faced was finding the right tutor. Beyond credibility and relevance, parents needed to find a tutor that they could feel confident their child would be safe with. To help parents with their search, we designed filters to narrow down suitable tutors, a tutor profile page with each tutor’s personal introduction, and a messaging system for parents to get connected before engaging with a tutor. We also made sure we designed the user journeys such that booking a suitable time slot with a tutor was simple and fast.

Meanwhile, tutors needed to conduct their sessions with as little administrative hassle as possible. For example, a common struggle private tutors face is collecting their tuition fees on time. Sometimes parents would forget about it due to their busy schedule, or would intentionally delay payments, making tutors spend time and effort “chasing” down their payment.

Our design team packaged a solution to meet each groups’ needs with an attractive, easy-to-understand user interface that encompassed the brand colours.

New wireframes and user journey

When we started our collaboration with the client, they already had a working product which their team of developers worked on. In order for us to deliver a suitable solution, we studied every possible user journey that existed so that we could establish an understanding of the backend technology first—what was already built and feasible, and what may need to be re-engineered. We went on to propose new wireframes and user flows for every feature, while keeping in mind, as much as possible, what we could keep so as not to spend time and resources redoing the whole product from scratch.

On boarding the clients

It is important to bring the client on a journey with us, to understand the methods we adopted and why there was a need to introduce such changes. We took time to share the new user flows and user journeys in clusters based on their user profile so that it would be easier for them to digest and consider the profile’s context better. Through our sharing and explanations, we are also opening the world of UX thinking to them.

User interface design

Math and tuition is often associated with negative emotions for both the parents and the child. For parents, it can be a form of anxiety to know that your child needs additional help with a subject as they worry about their child's school grades. For the child, well, they would very much prefer to play and have time to relax then go for another class. We wanted their experience with iMath to be a cheerful and positive one. Thus, we adopted colours that were bright, bold and contrasting to bring out energetic and liveliness vibes. Illustrations were carefully chosen to ensure the style and the content are consistent with the narrative that learning math is fun and creative.

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