Shining a light on wildlife conservation in Southeast Asia


Our Better World

As the digital storytelling initiative of Singapore International Foundation, Our Better World leverages the power of digital media to connect communities and inspire collective actions globally.

Project summary

Our Role
User Research
Desktop research on wildlife
User flows & wireframes
UI component design
Web design 

Project Manager
UX Lead
UX/UI Designer

3 months


Our Better World (OBW) are masters of storytelling who use their voice to amplify the stories of people doing good in their communities. Having produced several series on important issues, including mental health and the refugee crisis, OBW has a growing library of content and were looking for help differentiating their new series on Wildlife Conservation. Focusing on the issue of wildlife being driven to extinction through illegal hunting and trade in the region, we were super excited to help OBW in their mission to raise awareness, increase engagement and action among readers, and ultimately, give the animals a fighting chance with the support of individuals and organizations.


With amazing photos, videos, and stories on three key animals (the sun bear, pangolin, and slow loris), we designed a user experience to give the content the full attention it deserved. We curated video clips that would bring life to the website, and used large-scale, portrait images to create a deeper, emotional connection between the reader and the animals.

Understanding that different readers have different preferences for how they consume content, we designed the story pages to give readers the choice between watching the feature video, reading the written essay, or both. To encourage readers to take action, big or small, we designed simple call-to-actions to donate, volunteer, or simply share the story, accompanied with clear descriptions on how their action would directly help the animals.

Knowing many readers browse the site on mobile devices, we utilized a responsive design that would adapt well across various screen sizes, and that was quick-to-build and scalable for development.

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