Our passion projects

Beyond client-commissioned projects, we love to tackle problems that are close to our hearts and experiment with new technologies.

These projects make great opportunities for us to look into areas of needs that might be overlooked, learn and grow as individuals and as a team, and explore ideas which might give rise to new innovation.

If your interests align with ours—whether you’re an individual or part of an organisation—we would love to collaborate with you!

Why collaborate?

Having been trained in Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking, we believe creativity helps us become better problem solvers. What drives creativity is the combination of domain-related knowledge and skills, divergent thinking with design thinking practices, and a clear motivation to meet a need.

When different people from various backgrounds come together to solve a problem, we can produce novel and useful experiences. We love collaborating with suitable partners!

Keen to collaborate?

Drop us an email at hello@55mins.com or send a message below.

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